Mitchell Kuhn

Executive DIrector

Mr. Kuhn is a former New York City Health and Hospitals Corp. executive and spent 23 years as the executive director of the New York County Dental Society. He is author of the well-received book, “The Sound of Sirens.”

Jonathan Spira

Director of Research

Dr. Spira, who is also a Long Covid patient since early 2021, is the former chief analyst of Basex, a think tank that studied Information overload, and the editor of the Coronavirus Morning News Brief. His book, “The History of Photography,” was named “a best book of the year” by the New York Times and other works include Managing the Knowledge Workforce, Meditations and Reflections on the Loss of a Sibling, and Managing the Knowledge Workforce. He is currently finishing “Long Covid & Me: A Condition That Can Shatter a Person” and his book “Gaining the Upper Hand in Customer Service and Support in a Customer-Unfriendly World” is slated to be published in late 2024.

Basilio Alferow

Director of Content QA

Mr. Alferow formerly served as vice president of R&D at Spiratone and as editorial director at Accura Media Group.

Ellen Martin

Chief Investigator

Dr. Martin has more than 30 years of experience as a researcher in life science with specific expertise in Long Covid, autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases, and digital health.

Shirley Tessler

Principal Analyst

Frau Mag. Tessler is an experienced healthcare analyst who